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Our Agen prune we love it

Maison Roucadil owns a few orchards. Obtaining the best quality prune needs care all year round :

  • Winter is the pruning season : pruning is necessay to obtain larger fruit
  • March and April : the beautiful blossoming makes the orchards like snowfields
  • May to August : ripening period, when we care for the trees and hope to have sunny weather to get sweet plums
  • End August-early September : crop period is the peak period when we gather and dry the plums. Gathering is conducted by shaking the trees gently so that only ripe plums fall. They are dried within 48 hours
  • Autumn and winter season : calibration period. Once plums are turned into prunes, they are calibrated by size before long storage. For preparing the final product we will choose the right size to fit the customers needs.

In addition to the family crop, Maison Roucadil works in close partnership with several growers : it’s not a matter of just purchasing prunes, but a partnership throughout the year enables us to obtain the fruit to our specification.

Maison Roucadil has full control of the production : from cultivation of plum trees to the final, ready to consume prepacked prune.






Ente plum have adapted particularly well to the soil and climate of our area for centuries. They are sturdy and less subject to diseases and plagues than apple, pear or peach trees. Ente plum needs less treatments, the fruit is healthier.

It's all taste, at any time

For easier use, Maison Roucadil’s prunes comes in various forms

Produits boutique

Traditionnally packed in cello bags

whole, pitted, semi-dried, organic..for snacking or cooking

Produits boutique

for connoisseurs

For experts, discover our semi-cooked prunes

Produits boutique

The « crème de la crème » 

brand new packaging : try this cream (prune jam) with fresh cheese, yoghurt ; pannacotta ; apple pie, pancakes…

Produits boutique

Prune juice  

prune juice : 1 litre or organic 50cl bottle

Produits boutique

« The pockets »

easy to slip into your bag, rucksack or schoolbag : perfect for children, sportspeople or just for a quick snack on the go.

Produits boutique

For greedy people :

prunes stuffed with prune cream or chocolate coated prunes. Enjoy eating prunes !

Produits boutique

and do not forget :

prune soda, prunes soaked in Armagnac, prune « aperitive » drink, chocolate coated dry fruit and various sweets made from prunes…


No sugar added, no preservative or any additive. Prunes have a high magnesium content and low glycemic index. Rich in dietary fibres, E an B1 vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, beta-carotens, polyphenols(anti-oxydant), they provide lots of energy. Amazing content for such a small fruit ! Here is Maison Roucadil’s prune : lots of healthy benefits !
«Eat right, eat better»: that is today’s demand and Agen prune matches totally the trend .

3 prunes a day, be healthy forever

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The « MI-CUIT de la Saint-Luc » : SEMI DRIED PRUNE

18th of October is Saint-Luc's day.

This is when the wood pigeons migrate to the south, flying above southwest of France. It is an opportunity to invite friends into the wooden huts to observe the birds, and also to enjoy special local food. In Lot et Garonne it’s time to celebrate also the new crop prunes called « Saint Luc semi-dried prunes ». Maison Roucadil perpetuates this tradition and offers the consumers the very best of the prunes.

Confrérie du Pruneau

Process Secrets

Tradition : by the end of the crop, the last plums have taken advantage of more sunny days and will be turned into the best Agen prunes, being only partially dried to become the « Saint Luc prune »

Fruit : just fruit

The semi dried prune keeps the original taste and nutritional content of the fruit as well as keeping moist and meaty.

0 Added sugar

0 preservatives

0 rehydration

0 Added sugar