Pruneau au chocolat Pruneau au chocolat

Our know how

Maison Roucadil’s DNA is to

  • Serve the Agen prune : a wonderful local product
  • Maintain a human size while producing on industrial level
  • Bear in mind : «quality first»

The respect

MAISON ROUCADIL’s know how is based on a few values :

  • Respect of family history and tradition
  • Respect of the soil when cultivating plum trees
  • Respect of the cycle of seasons
  • Respect of the fruit : crop only when fully ripe
  • Respect to the growers, partners of MAISON ROUCADIL, some of them for more than 30 years !

Tradition and modernity

Elaborate in a new way but keeping the traditionnal quality and creating new products responding to consumers needs are MAISON ROUCADIL’s challenges.

The Biosource range

Biosource, the organic range was launched in 2007 and has been developed over the years : that means today it offers a large range of organic ready to eat fruit and nuts in addition to the Agen prune.

Our French Products

It is our aim to supply, as many goods originating from our own country : for example our prunes which are PGI certified, walnuts and hazelnuts originate from France.

Confectionery and
chocolate workshop

The old production plant turned into a new one in 2008. It was time for innovation and a chocolate and confectionery workshop were added to the dry fruit new processing plant. New products are created every day : chocolate coated fruit ; prunes stuffed with prune jam… and also fine chocolates made by our master confectioner. We only use selected cocoa.

You are welcome to visit our «boutique» which will delight all of your senses.

Le chocolat

Certifications : What does that mean ?

PGI (french IGP)


Maison Roucadil ‘s Agen prunes are PGI certified : that means that the plums – Ente variety only - are grown, gathered and dried in a specific geographical area (departement du Lot et Garonne and small parts of adjoining departments : Lot, Gers, Dordogne, Gironde, Tarn et Garonne). The specifications for this PGI are very strict and a full traceability is required.


PDO certified means that all stages of production take place in a specified geographical area and according to a specific know how. The PDO products from Maison Roucadil are walnut kernels (PDO Perigord)

Organic products


The logo for organic products certifies that the products are made according to organic agriculture specifications. Biosource is Maison Roucadil’s brand for organic products. The green leaf logo is the European Union organic logo.

quality audits

Zéro pesticides

The aim of these audits is to check that Maison Roucadil is able to keep a full control on the quality and safety of their products. Audits are conducted once a year by the organizations which grant IFS or BRC certification.