Photo de pruneau

Maison Roucadil

Maison Roucadil tells the story of a prune growers family.

It starts by : good cultivation practices when growing plum trees ; special care in drying plums to turn them into good Agen prunes.

Short story, big story

Jean Roudil (1913-2009) took over the family estate, created in 1890, and moved it forward. He had an inquiring mind, he was passionate, inventive  and held 10 patents including one for drying the plums in ovens with a new ventilation system which is widely used nowadays. He, together with his wife, managed to develop the production. The name Roucadil was created by joining his family name to his wife’s name. Their daughter Eliette later took over, together with her husband Bernard Courregelonge.


Géraldine (Eliette’s daughter and Jean Roudil’s granddaughter) and her husband, Sébastien Larroque are running the company. They are dynamic, inventive and hard working. Being aware of modern tastes and trends they reformed the production tool. However they keep the link with tradition and history. The big move took place in 2008 when a new and bigger plant was built, allowing the company to provide larger volumes and obtain IFS and BRC certifications.

Histoire de Roucadil

46 employees

150 independent growers

3000 MT Agen prunes PGI each year,
of which around

30%are exported throughout the world

A healthy mind makes a healthy body

Maison Roucadil is promoting values of sport, team spirit and friendliness. Several employees participate regilarly in marathons, trails, etc …

The idea then came to make an event about « Agen prunes ». In Villeneuve sur Lot, around the 18th of October every year, the «Corrida des Pruneaux» takes place and is a good opportunity to gather and have fun while participating in sport : running is organized in the streets of Villeneuve : anyone can participate and volunteers to help are welcome : the more, the merrier.

Have a look at « Corrida des Pruneaux »