Our Know-how

Pruning the trees :

This is one of the most important steps for plums producers. It is made manually at the end of the winter. The aim is to let the sun enter the heart of the tree in order to reach fruits hidden behind the leaves.

Selecting plums :

We are doing a strict selection of plums according to the sugar content and physical aspect, by both human and technologic checking. Indeed, a high sugar degree contained in prunes is expected to get the Agen Prune certification (Protected Geographical Indication). Maison Roucadil created a strong partnership with producers' families. Some of them have been working with us for more than 30 years. They are following our specifications which are stricter than the ones in cooperatives. For instance, we ask them to collect prunes in several times to assure the growing of plums until maturity. So the volume generated is lower than in cooperatives but of course, with better quality. We use agricultural machines which shake gently the trees to drop mainly the ripest fruits without damaging the trees.

  • Notre partenaire Thierry Barral
  • Notre partenaire Bernard Antraygues
  • Notre partenaire Patrick Cavaille

Plums drying process :

Mr. Roucadil has created and got a pattern for the first oven to dry fruits in the 1960's. We are still using this type of oven. This method enables us to control the fruit moisture level, to keep the original texture of the skin and the fresh plum taste. Drying plums in these specific ovens at a low temperature takes longer than other methods, but keeps the nutritive values and fruit fibers. These ovens were also exported in the past to producers of vanilla in Madagascar, to producers of dates in Tunisia and to other places all around the world.