Maison Roucadil

Jean Roudil created in 1949 the commercial name « Roucadil » for the family company, by matching the name of his father and mother: ROUCADIL. Curious, passionate, inventor (he built several new processes for the prunes industry), he gave a rapid growth to the family brand. He is still the soul of Maison Roucadil...

Maison Roucadil processes and markets the production of around fifty producers of Prunes d'Ente, the only variety of plums turning into good « Agen » prunes. They are in charge of growing and pampering the trees throughout the year. The factory is located near the orchards. The different steps of production, dehydration, storage, processing and packing, are made at the same place; Quality controls are made at each step. Thereby, Roucadil manages the whole chain of production, from harvesting of plums, to the final packing.

120 years of story and know-how and still up to date recipes

Located in the heart of the Agen area, Maison Roucadil perpetuates knowledge and tradition which have been passed on from generation to generation; it is overall the story of a prune grower's family.

Even if the modern methods are included to improve the production, Maison Roucadil has kept the original knowhow and values; the human values are still in the heart of the production. The producers of prunes are the last « artisans » in agriculture. They know by heart their orchards and trees, they harvest and dry plums by using the Roucadil processes.