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Pru’Na is an economic interest grouping (EIG)
Two producers, UPI and SICA Prunidor, have got together with two processors, Prunidor and Roucadil, to add value through a new organisation.

Filière Pruna Filière Pruna Filière Pruna Filière Pruna Filière Pruna

Our commitment

This collaboration makes it possible to be in a collective approach and to have a visibility on the whole chain. The chain will thus be controlled from A to Z, from producers to consumers, including drying and packaging. The processors are assured of a secure supply and the producers are offered a guaranteed price for their harvest. 

The group's objective is to have HVE3 certified producers, to increase the ZRP offer, to select "premium" fruits, to set up actions in order to move towards ecoresponsible orchards.It allows for an exchange of know-how in order to move towards a general improvement in product quality.

The result of this collaboration

Le fruit de cette collaboration

The launch of Pru’Na at the 2022 Paris International Agricultural Show :

We were pleased to launch Pru’Na at the Paris International Agricultural Show in the company of producers belonging to the EIG.

« Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." » H. Ford.

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