Quality and traceability

Farming : we know and we love our land.

logo agriculture bio Since the end of 1970's, Maison Roucadil and its producers have decreased the use of inputs. They are focused on natural and sustainable solutions, like organic manures instead of chemical fertilizer and natural predators against insect pests instead of massive spraying of pesticides.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

logo IGP Maison Roucadil prunes which got the certification « pruneaux d'Agen » which guarantees to the consumer that:
- The original variety « ente plums » is dried to make « pruneaux d'Agen »
- They are grown, dried and processed (packed) in the area of Agen, town located in southwest of France
- The maximum moisture content of the prune is 35%
Maison Roucadil follows a strict procedure for tracing products from orchards to final packaging.

International Food Standard (IFS) certification

logo IFS Thanks to its modern and new factory and to its strict procedures in hygiene and quality, Maison Roucadil obtained the IFS certification in order to develop its sales on the international markets.

Qualisud certification

logo Qualisud This organism controls the traceability and validates the PGI certification for each producer of Maison Roucadil.