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Tasty, the Agen prune has been part of the local culinary heritage in the South West of France for centuries. Growing plum trees in the South West of France started in the 12th century when the crusaders (especially some of monks) brought Damson plum trees back from their Syrian expeditions and planted them near the villages of Clairac, Saint Vite and in the Lot et Garonne area.

The sunny climate and the ideal soil of Agen County enabled plum trees growing up and producing sweet and tasty fruits. The Ente plum once dried turned into a « prune » and was shipped by boat from the port of Agen on the Garonne river towards Bordeaux and overseas. It became famous as the « Agen prune », which is now a « Appellation d'origine Protégée ». It is appreciated and strongly requested all over Europe.

Maison Roucadil is located in the heart of « Agen prune » area. Thanks to Maison Roucadil, many of the independent Ente plum producers are organized to form a suppliers group in order to pool their efforts.

Producing Agen prune takes several years.The first harvest can only take place once the tree is 7 years old. Only dropping plums are harvested: this is the way to reach maturity and the right sugar content. The harvest takes several weeks from mid august to mid September.