The « Fresh » prune of Saint-Luc day (semi- dried prune)

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The semi dried prune

The semi dried prune is a « grand-mother's » recipe; the drying of these plums takes less time at a lower temperature than the traditional « Pruneaux d'Agen ». These plums are the first selected and the best of the harvest. This prune is appreciated for its soft flesh and its tiny skin which reminds the plum freshly fallen from tree.

«A la Saint Luc, Le grand truc»

We can't really translate this French proverb, which announces the special day of Saint-Luc (18th October). At this date, goshawks (wild pigeons) migrate through South-West of France to the sunny countries. It is a rooted tradition to hunt those birds and to organize parties with festive meals.

Maison Roucadil created the « confrérie du pruneau mi-cuit » (brotherhood ) to promote this traditional recipe of prunes. We decided to link these two key events in the South-West: hunt of goshawks and production of semi-dried prunes. Each year on the 18th October - Saint Luc's day-, we organize a festive meal and celebration to elect and to introduce the new membership of the brotherhood.