Sustainable protection program

The sustainable protection program is a method for interfering on insect pests and some diseases by preserving natural solutions. It is based on accurate observations in the orchards. The aim is to get the natural fight of trees against insects and pests until a critical point is reached and we interfere only from that point. Prejudice should not be made neither to trees nor to their rentability.

The used products have to be efficient but above all as less harmful as possible for environment. Maison Roucadil has included the sustainable protection program into its procedures. Since the end of the seventies, Maison Roucadil and its producers have decreased the use of inputs.

An eco-friendly production

Natural and ecological solutions are chosen, like organic manures instead of chemical fertilizer and natural predators against insect pests instead of massive pesticides spraying. For instance, a ladybird can eat 30 to 40 aphids per day! We use also the method of « cover crops » in orchards, to attract some beneficial species for plum trees and leave some grass growing between the trees raws to cushion the plums on floor. Thereby, no damaged prunes will be collected by hand.

Maison Roucadil is proud of its prunes harvested in a preserved natural eco-system.